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Khosla, Ajudhia Nath (Engineer - Civil)
Dr. Khosla's important contribution to engineering was made during 1918-20, when he invented the 'Khosla Disc' for precision leveling across rivers and wide valleys. As Chairman of the Central Waterways Irrigation and Navigation Commission, he developed the Poona Research Station at Khadakvasla into Central Water and Power Station. He made outstanding achievements in the field of river valley development and many important projects like Bhakra, Chambal, Damodar Valley, Hirakud, and Tapti were completed under his supervision. Dr. Khosla was instrumental in bringing about a number of agreements on negotiations for Indus Water Dispute with Pakistan. He received Padma Bhushan, 1954; Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, 1974 and Padma Vibhushan in 1977.

Narasimha, Roddam (Engineer - Aeronautical)
Professor Narasimha made valuable contributions in the field of fluid mechanics, aerospace engineering and atmospheric sciences. His research in the field of dynamics have led to considerably improved understanding of flows in transition from the laminar to turbulent state as well as the reverse. He received Minto Martin National Student Award, US Institute of Aerospace Science 1960; Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, 1976; Homi Bhabha Award, 1976; Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar, California Instiute of Technology, 1982-83; Bhatnagar Medal, 1985; Padma Bhushan, 1987 and G.M. Modi Award in 1990.

Rama Rao, Palle (Engineer - Metallurgical)
Dr. Rao has made significant contributions in the areas of X-ray diffraction study of structural imperfections behaviour (tensile, creep, fatigue and fracture characteristics) in microstructure of metals and alloys. His pioneering work has been a close-packed structure, e.g., Double Hexagonal Close-Packed (DHCP) in hitherto unstudied and potentially significant systems belonging to the well-known Face Centered Cubic (FCC) and Hexagonal Close-Packed (HCP) structures. He received Pandya Memorial Medal, 1964; Kamani Gold Medal, 1971; National Metallurgists Day Award, 1973; Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, 1979; Homi Jehangir Bhabha Award, 1985; Vaswik Award, 1986; Padma Shri, 1989; Padma Bhushan, 2001 etc.

Sethna, Homi Nusserwanji, (Engineer - Chemical)
Shri Sethna had the full technical responsibility for the setting up of the plant at Alwaye for separation of rare earth from Mohazite sands of Kerala. He completed the construction of the Thorium plant and the plant for the production of nuclear grade uranium metal at Trombay. His first major challenging assignment was the setting up of the Plutonium Plant at Trombay in 1959. This was designed and constructed entirely by Indian scientists and engineers under Shri Sethna as the Project Engineer. The Uranium Mill at Jaduguda, Bihar was also constructed under his guidance in 1967. He was also the Project Manager of a 40 MW reactor called Canada-India Reactor in 1956-58. He was the guiding force behind the first peaceful nuclear explosion in India in May 1974. He won several awards namely Padma Shri, 1959; Padma Bhushan, 1966; Padma Vibhushan, 1975; Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, 1960; Sir Walter Puckey Prize, Institute of Production Engineers, 1971; Sir William Jones Memorial Medal, Asiatic Society of Calcutta, 1974, etc.


Verghese, Kurian (Engineer and Dairy Scientist)
Under Dr. Verghese's guidance, the Kaira District Co-operative Union has registered a phenomenal increase in membership and turn over. Because of achieving outstanding success in Kaira Union, many State Governments and Central Government approached him for advice on setting up and running of similar organizations in other parts of the country. He attracted international recognition in the field of dairy industry. He is the 'Father of Operation Flood and White Revolution' in the country. He is recipient of Raman Magsaysay Award, 1963; Padma Shri, 1963; NIF Escorts Man of the Years, 1974; Padma Bhushan, 1966; Carnegie-Watele World Peace Prize; World Food Prize; Padma Vibhushan, 1999.

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