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Khoshoo, Triloki Nath (Botanist - Environmentalist)
Dr. Khoshoo made outstanding contribution in environmental protection and conservation. He organized high-level research programmes on pollution effects on plants, prescription of air pollution, soil, noise and water pollution. As Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Environment, he was responsible for policy making, planning and management of environment in the country. He won many prestigious awards including Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Medal, 1971; Birbal Sahni Gold Medal, 1982; Seth Memorial Medal; Ramdeo Medal, Indian Environmental Society, 1983; Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Prize in Environment; O.P. Bhasin Award, 1989; Padma Bhushan, 1992; UN Environmental Prize, 1996, etc.


Khush, Gurdev Singh (Botanist)
Dr. Khush worked in the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Manila, Philippines since 1967. He made remarkable contribution in the field of rice research. It is his work of 28 years at IRRI that has made him the 'World's Number One Rice Man'. During this period he evolved more than 300 improved varieties of rice. These varieties are now grown in over 60 per cent of the land under rice cultivation in the world. He is an Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, London, 1995. He won Borlaug Award in 1977; World Food Prize in 1977; Japan Prize, Science and Technology Foundation of Japan, 1981; International Agronomy Award in 1999 and Friendship of China Award in 1999.

Maheshwari, Panchanan (Botanist)
Professor Maheshwari made remarkable research contribution in the field of plant morphology, embryology, angiosperms and gymnosperms. He also made valuable research contribution to history of science and plants. He was the Founder of Delhi University Botanical Society. He authored over 200 research papers and many books. He published 3 text books for botany students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which ran through several editions. He won Birbal Sahni Medal in 1959 and Sunderlal Hora Memorial Medal in 1964.

Paroda, Rajendra Singh (Botanist)
Born on 28 August 1942, Dr. Paroda is internationally renowned geneticist and plant breeder. He is Director General of Indian Council of Agricultural Research since 1998. He won many prestigious awards namely Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Memorial Prize; Om Prakash Bhasin Award; Sri Chhotu Ram National Award; World Food Day Award; Padma Bhushan etc.


Ramakrishna, P.S. (Environmentalist)
Born on 24 December 1936 at Palayanur, Professor Ramakrishna conducted valuable research work on ecotype population and their role in ecosystem function, population ecology related to weed crop interactions, soil fertility, weed problem and forest development. He received many prestigious awards namely Pitamber Pant National Environment Award, 1985; UGC Prahaanandu Award for Environmental Science; Distinguished Scientist Award in Environmental Sciences, 1986; Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award in 1994, etc.


Randhawa, Mohinder Singh (Botanist)
Professor Randhawa was an outstanding biologist, art critic, scholar and writer. He joined the Indian Civil Service in 1934 and has served in various capacities in diverse field. He worked as Vice-President to Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Advisor to Natural Resources and Planning Commission. He carried out valuable studies on natural resources of India. As Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University he raised its reputation to the level of international excellence. He pioneered production of literature on agricultural sciences in India.

Srivastava, Pratap Narain (Zoologist)
Born on 1st July 1927 at Basti, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Srivastava was Professor and Dean, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University from 1975-77. He was the Vice Chancellor to the same university from 1983-87. He made valuable research studies on the effect of radiation on various tissues and his findings showed that the liver should not be regarded as a radio-resistant organ. He received FICCI Award, 1984; Institute of Oriental philosophy Gold Medal; Aryabhata Medal; K.N. Bhal Memorial Gold Medal etc.

Swaminathan, Moukombu Sambasivan (Botanist)
Dr. M.S. Swaminathan is one of the world's leading agricultural scientists He is the person behind the successful 'Green Revolution' in the country between 1960 and 1982. He made outstanding contributions in conservation of plant genetic resources, manipulation of genes to improve the quality, and quantity of wheat, rice and potato. He introduced many dwarf and high yielding varieties of wheat in the country. He received many national and international level prestigious honours and awards.

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